El Perico distribution methods prove very effective for those who place advertisement with us and
want to reach a vast number and variety of readers in the Southeastern Texas areas.

El Perico is distributed the second week of each month, free of charge via street newspaper racks
located in areas where a high density of Hispanics are located and at downtown business centers in
all the cities of circulation. El Perico is also distributed at supermarkets, hospitals, colleges &
schools, professional offices, neighborhood stores, social and civic organizations and restaurants.

Demographics: El Perico Readers

•Hispanic or Latino (of any race)—————————– 78.4% (Mexican 65%, Other Latinos 12.6%
•Not Hispanic——————————————————— 21.6% Larger Families; Bigger Households
•Hispanic family is larger than a non-Hispanic one. The number of Hispanic households has grown
3.7 average persons in a Hispanic family compared to 2.7 in a non Hispanic family.

A Younger Market 

•The median age for Hispanic males is 25.8 and the median age for females is 26.7. Non-Hispanics
have a median age of 35.7 overall.